$INK, Thinkin utility token, is a ASA token, with various utility. $INK tokens are distributed 10,000,000 for initial liquidity supply. $INK can be earned when a user is engaged in forum activities. Please see below for the $INK's utility.

NFT Level Upgrade
In order to upgrade NFT further, user must upgrade NFT Level, and the maximum daily earn can be increased.
NFT Attributes Upgrade
By upgrade NFT attributes(Effective, Achievement, Raffle, Network), forum $INK mining volume and IDO participation tier can be increased.
NFT Repair
When the number of NFT usage (increasing IDO efficiency) is exhausted, it can be used to repair the NFT.
Pen NFT Upgrade
User can upgrade Pen NFT by combining three pens and $INK.
IDO Raffle
User can apply for IDO participation by purchasing a one-time ticket.
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