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Last updated: Jan 2024


In the cryptocurrency market, IDO launchpads have emerged as an important component of the crypto ecosystem, offering investors a new way to support innovative projects and contribute to the development of the decentralised economy. However, the market share of these platforms is continuously changing, and their performance and user base can differ depending on the source and methodology used.

Thinkin is a Web3 IDO platform with social-fi elements.

Through Web3, Thinkin, which bridges user and project, provides each key parties with what they need to achieve a healthy and sustainable platform.

In reality, IDO platforms have compelled individual investors to promote on their behalf in the pretext of providing a participation option for those who are unable to make private investments and reducing marketing expenses.

Users’ marketing efforts are comparable to DAOs in that they bring people together for a common goal, but this is more Web2 rather than decentralisation.

As a consequence, we introduced Thinkin, a platform for mutual coexistence via the provision of genuine advantages to the community, which had previously been considered only a PR tool.

Unless you are a full-time investor, the IDO platform is the best framework for creating a structure where users may write and act in the community (W2E) and earn incentives, as well as offer passive income.

While IDOs offer a great opportunity for crypto projects, success is not guaranteed. The key to a successful IDO is building a strong community around your project. The community is made up of early supporters, investors, and advocates who can help create buzz, generate interest, and ultimately lead to a successful fundraising round.

Our platform offers three main functionalities:

  • Community groups for community growth

  • Launchpad to fundraise your idea

  • Marketplace for NFT trading, lending and staking

With these features, we strive to create an inclusive and collaborative community that helps you achieve your goals and brings your projects to life.

Vision - Web3 empowers people

The vision of Thinkin is to utilise Web3 technology in order to give individuals greater power and to build vibrant communities revolving around new projects and NFT collections.

We have faith in Web3's ability to foster an inclusive and open economy as well as a variety of funding options, and we make it a priority to spread awareness of these guiding values through our platform.

We place a high priority on decentralisation and community governance, thereby ensuring that all players in the ecosystem have a say in the decisions that are made.

We hope to build a robust ecosystem that is prosperous to the point that it is beneficial to all parties involved by encouraging openness and cooperation in its governance.

Why Community Building is Critical for IDOs

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of a vibrant community in the world of cryptocurrencies. A group of devoted supporters may help spread the word about the project, offer insightful feedback, and generate passion and momentum.

Building a strong community around IDO can have a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased awareness and exposure

A vibrant community can aid in raising awareness among possible investors and spreading the word about the project. Increased exposure and interest in IDO may result from this.

  • Higher demand and investment

The project can build demand and a sense of urgency if it has a community of early backers. A more successful fundraising cycle and higher investment levels may result from this.

  • Potential for long-term success

A robust community can offer continued assistance and participation outside of IDO, assisting in ensuring the project's long-term success. In conclusion, building a strong community is critical for the success of an IDO.

Large communities may raise awareness and demand for projects' tokens by engaging with the target audience and building a community that is passionate about and invested in the project, which could result in more investment and long-term success.

Target audience identification, channel selection, content creation, and interaction and participation promotion are crucial for building a robust community for IDO.

Problems with current launchpads

Launchpads have difficulty in attracting and retaining investors during bear market cycles, which leads to a decrease in the number of options for project funding.

There is a lack of transparency and trust within the ecosystem as a result of the current business models for launchpads, which place a higher priority on platform revenues than user advantages.

Investors are looking for community-driven platforms more than ever before since these allow for a larger exchange of ideas and knowledge, which in turn enables investors to make investment decisions that are better informed.


  • Reward user participation beyond just IDO allocations.

  • Encourage engagement with the platform through a variety of activities.

  • Offer greater rewards to users who are more active on the platform.

  • Enable community interaction through Community participation and proposal functions.

IMPORTANT: This paper is subject to, and should be interpreted in light of, important disclaimers which appear at the end of this paper. Please carefully review those disclaimers and use the technology at your own risk, and do not depend on this paper for making any important decisions. This paper is written as a vision for the platform, and the actual implementation and details may be modified due to policy decisions or external factors that are outside of the team's control. Refer to the Roadmap for updates on implementation and development.

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