✍️┃Posting Guide

Step 1. Click Connect Wallet.

Step 2. Connect wallet. (Thinkin compatible wallets are currently MyAlgo and Pera Wallet)

How to create a MyAlgo wallet :

How to create a Pera Wallet :

A Closed Beta version works on the testnet. Be sure to select Testnet in your wallet settings.

Step 3. By selecting “POST NOW,” you may write sentences while the wallet is connected. You can write to a particular DAO you have subscribed to or a category you prefer by selecting "Select an Audience."

The Review category has various sub-menus. Choose and write about the interests you are currently immersed in, such as Deep-fi (De-fi), NFT Lover (NFT) — Multiple categories can be selected.

Step 4. Once your post is complete, you can use tags to summarize what your post stands for. If you add #Thinkin to your tag, the post will appear when you search for Thinkin.

All the work is done now. Hit the “Post now” button to submit your post!

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