Retail community on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and other social media platforms is in many cases taken advantage of — truth can be distorted and sentiment manipulated. Bots are making it difficult to grow an organic following and content on the platforms focuses on repetition and quantity rather than quality.

As a result, valuable information and education content is buried below a pile of automated marketing garbage. The current widespread situation with scams is simply the epitome of how everyone is looking out for their own best interests on these sites. Usability of the existing solutions is quickly decreasing and a need for modern Web3 platforms that will connect the community in a novel way is emerging.

Thinkin is introducing Web3 native social media platform, acting as a link between projects with the community. Utilising Web3 infrastructure creates new possibilities of transferring value, appreciating individual effort and giving power back to the people. Anyone from the community can become a KOL. At the same time, we are making it easier for projects to develop and manage their community by connecting them with KOLs. This community driven environment is a foundation for collectively creating mutually beneficial connections.

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