🚀┃IDO Guide

Step 0. Prepare Algorand wallet

Prepare your wallet to participate in Thinkin IDO.

Step 1. Research Upcoming Projects

Click on a project in Upcoming Projects to see the details of the project. DYOR on the project before participating in the IDO.

Step 2. Apply to a Whitelist

Whitelist applications open. If you check the excluded countries and proceed with Captcha, you will see pools that you can participate in.

Staking Pool

  • If you are staking $THINK or POPO NFT, you can check the number of tickets that will be granted to you.

  • If you have not staked yet, stake $THINK or Note NFT and get a ticket.

Social Pool

  • You can also get tickets through social network activity and report contest. Earn Social Tickets by entering the Givelab event to follow us on Twitter, Telegram, and more. And earn by participating in the report contest.

Step 3. Deposit to participate

The whitelist is closed and the deposits are open. Check the final number of tickets you are granted. Lottery Tickets, Golden Tickets in Staking Pool Social Winning Tickets awarded to winners in the Social Pool You have to make a deposit for it.

All tickets have the same allocation per ticket. Lottery Tickets will be drawn after deposit, and non-winning tickets may be refunded later. Golden Tickets and Social Winning Tickets granted to Tiers 4-5 are guaranteed assignments.

If you enter the ticket quantity, the amount of USDC required for deposit is automatically displayed.

(* Quota per ticket varies by sale.)

Step 4. Lottery Winners Announcement

Lottery Winners are announced. Congratulations to all the winners. You can check the ticket assigned to you and the winning result of the Lottery Ticket. For Lottery Tickets that did not win, you can receive a refund through the Refund button. If you do not receive a refund at this time, you can request a refund by going to the Allocation tab.

Step 5. Token TGE

Token TGE has occurred. From now on, you can claim the token of the IDO you participated in. Claim the winning IDO tokens. The Vesting schedule can be accessed by clicking the right arrow of the project in the Allocation tab or you can check the project details screen by clicking on the project in Funded Projects.

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