Thinkin’s objective is to foster a vibrant Web3 community. We want to enforce this by allowing our users to participate in decision making through community governance. A lot of key decisions can be made through decentralised governance:

  • Protocol mergers & updates

  • Liquid token sales via Community treasury

  • Contribution payments

…and a variety of additional activities which have moved the industry onward. Web3 ethos is exemplified through governance: networks created and governed by their users.

To participate in the governance proposals users must own our NFT and spend $THINK to create or vote on a proposal. This will limit the inflation rate of our $THINK token which users receive as a reward for community activities. Additionally, holders of our $THINK governance token will be able to submit and vote on proposals for free.

With these features, we hope to build an engaging community-driven environment in which our users’ demands are represented.

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