User Engagement

Level Up your NFT experience

At Thinkin, we believe that user engagement is the key to building a thriving community. That's why we have introduced an exciting new feature that allows users to actively participate and utilize our platform: leveling up and upgrading their NFT experience.

Gone are the days of two tokens complicating the user experience. We have simplified our token economy by substituting our utility token, $INK, with a more intuitive and engaging concept: experience on our NFTs. This means that every user can claim NFTs free of charge and embark on an exciting journey of leveling up and upgrading their NFTs' attributes.

Let's dive into the details of this user engagement feature:

  1. Claim Your NFT: Every user has the opportunity to claim NFTs, which serve as their virtual assets within our platform. These NFTs come with unique characteristics and attributes that can be enhanced through user engagement.

  2. Level Up Your NFT: By actively participating on our platform, users can level up their NFTs. The more users engage with our features, contribute to the community, and complete various tasks, the higher their NFTs' level becomes. This unlocks additional benefits, privileges, and opportunities within the Thinkin ecosystem.

  3. Upgrade NFT Attributes: Our NFTs have four different attributes that define their capabilities. These attributes can be upgraded through user engagement. As users complete specific actions, contribute valuable content, or achieve certain milestones, they earn attribute upgrade points. These points can then be used to enhance the attributes of their NFTs, increasing their potential and unlocking new functionalities.

By offering this enhanced user engagement experience, we aim to create a dynamic and rewarding ecosystem where users feel empowered to actively participate, contribute, and grow. We believe that leveling up and upgrading NFTs not only adds excitement and interactivity but also provides users with a sense of progress and achievement.

So, are you ready to embark on your NFT journey? Claim your NFTs, level them up, and upgrade their attributes to unlock new possibilities within the Thinkin community. Join us in shaping the future of web3 together!

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