🐴┃Popo Decoration Guide

Step 1. Access the open beta site

👉 https://beta.thinkin.ink/

Step 2. Click ‘EARN’ page

Step 3. Check the Popo avatar of the wearable NFT item

You can fully decorate your Popo avatar by clicking the “Decorate POPO” button. Items that can be displayed are: Body, Top, Bottoms, Shoes, Hair Accessories, Face Accessories, Prop Accessories, Background Accessories Total of 8 accessories!

Users can set their decorated Popo NFT as their profile picture and feel like their alter ego within the Thinkin community.

And the Wearable NFTs can be attached or detached from Popo avatars at any time. However, in order to turn a decorated Popo avatar into an actual NFT, users must make a claim after decorating it.

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