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What is a Thinkin Referral?

A way to earn $THINK tokens by inviting people to Thinkin with your exclusive access link. Share your referral link with your friends, family and any DAO you belong to and enjoy a bonus on every quest made by each of your referrals.

  • Users invited through your referral link will receive $THINK tokens per tier

  • Invited users receive 5 $THINK by default

There are two types of referrals, with the same rewards. Follow these steps to join the Thinkin Referral Program:

1. General Referrals

All referrals can be found in the manual on the bottom left of the Thinkin official homepage and can be generated by clicking on the unique Referral link given to the subscriber.

Users invited by the assignment link must publish their first post to be counted as ‘Completed’, while users who have been invited but have not yet published will be counted as ‘Incomplete’

A generic referral link can be found at the bottom, and you can freely share the unique referral link given to your subscribers. But don’t forget that the invitee must complete one post!

2. DAO Referrals

DAO Referral is a specialized referral system created to promote your own DAO. If you haven’t already, create your DAO and organize your people first.

After creating a Dao and enabling invitations, a new icon with a human face will appear at the top. Tap it to generate a Dao referral link, which you can use to find members to join. As with regular referrals, registered users must post their first post to be counted, and you will receive 5 $THINK per referral, so please be aware of this.

3. Referral Tier

You can earn rewards for each Tire based on the number of people you invite.

Rewards for each tier:

Tier 1 : 1–5 invites, earn 10 $THINK tokens for each invite

Tier 2 : 6–10 invites, earn 15 $THINK tokens for each invite

Tier 3 : 11–24 invites, earn 20 $THINK tokens for each invite

Tier 4 : 25–49 invites, earn 25 $THINK tokens for each invite

Tier 5 : 50+ invites, earn 30 $THINK tokens for each invite

You can see at a glance your invitation history and the rewards you’ve earned based on your tier. If your referrals have only signed up without posting, they will appear as “Registered Account”, and if they have completed all quests, they will appear as “Completed Quest

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