Write 2 Earn (W2E)

W2E incentivizes users to engage in conversations and contribute valuable content in exchange for rewards, which can be used to participate in early stage opportunities such as IDOs or INOs on the Thinkin platform.

By rewarding good quality content that is recognized within the community, W2E incentivizes users to focus on quality rather than quantity, and lowers the barriers to entry for users without a large following. This benefits the Thinkin platform by promoting the exchange of valuable information and fostering a more engaged and motivated user base.

In addition to earning rewards, users can also use their W2E-earned $THINK tokens to improve their NFTs, which enhances their chances in IDOs and forum activity rewards.

W2E aims to provide tangible benefits to the community and create a healthy and sustainable environment for launching projects on the Thinkin platform.

Incentivizing social media participation through rewards on the IDO platform is a natural way to generate community interest and involvement. Each contributing member of the community will receive benefits based on their contributions, and can also participate in governance to shape the direction of the Thinkin platform.

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