Part of the Thinkin platform is our NFT marketplace, where POPO NFT owners can lend their NFTs to borrowers and receive a share of any rewards earned through the use of the borrowed NFT. This new marketplace offers an exciting opportunity for NFT owners to put their assets to work and earn rewards, even when they are not using them themselves.

To use the marketplace, NFT owners can simply determine the ratio of rewards to be shared with the borrower when placing the NFT on the market. This flexible approach allows owners to earn potential rewards without sacrificing the overall value of their NFTs. And with the lending feature, borrowers can gain access to premium NFTs they might not otherwise be able to afford, making the marketplace a win-win for everyone involved.

But that's not all – the marketplace is also the main venue for purchasing or selling NFTs and upgrades, making it easier than ever to build your collection or enhance your existing NFTs. With the introduction of this new feature, we aim to make the Thinkin platform more accessible to all members of the community and create a level playing field for early stage investment opportunities.

The Thinkin platform will collect a flat fee of 5% from these transactions, ensuring that our marketplace remains fair and secure for all users. Whether you're an NFT owner, borrower, or collector, the Thinkin NFT marketplace offers a unique and innovative way to engage with the NFT ecosystem and take your digital assets to the next level. Join us today and start exploring the future of NFTs!

Lending NFTs

POPO NFT holders will be able to earn $THINK even when they are inactive

In spite of making our platform truly inclusive we would like every community member to have the opportunity of experiencing the benefits of our POPO NFT.

For this reason we are introducing a lending market where owners can find borrowers. NFT owners will also be able to determine the profit sharing ratio of $THINK tokens between them and the borrower.

If you are unable to utilise your POPO NFT but do not wish to sell, you have the opportunity of lending your NFTs and collecting $THINK commission based on the activity of the borrower.

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