Launching a new project or idea is always a challenge, and finding the right investors and supporters can be especially difficult. That's why Thinkin offers a launchpad feature that makes it easy for you to fundraise your idea and get the support you need to succeed. Our platform promotes engagement among users in exchange for incentives that allow them to participate in early stage opportunities, such as IDOs and INOs. The allocation of incentives depends on individual contributions, which are determined by the level of users' NFTs. This creates an environment that encourages up-and-coming projects to establish their initial community of investors and supporters in a novel, web3-native way. With Thinkin, you can bring your ideas to life and build a strong community of supporters who share your vision.

A launchpad is a platform that helps early-stage projects raise capital and expand their online community through an IDO. IDOs involve the sale of a new project's tokens to investors, typically on a decentralised exchange.

Launchpads have been popular in the cryptocurrency space as a way for projects to raise funds and build a community of supporters. However, there have been issues with previous IDO platforms, such as unfavourable tokenomics, long lock-up periods, and high fees.

Tickets & Tiers

Lottery Tickets

Users can participate in IDO by receiving tickets as soon as they stake tokens.

When unstaking, there is a lock up period for a certain period depending on the tier. (Details to be announced)

How it works (the math done)

1,000 $THINK per 1 ticket

(total # $THINK staked) ÷ 1,000 = # tickets received (decimals deducted)

(# tickets w/o decimals) x (tier bonus) = total # tickets eligible

Example 1) staking 7,500 $THINK

basic # tickets 7,500/1,000 = 7.5 -> 7

7,500 staked is Tier2, so bonus multiplier is 1.2 resulting in 7 x 1.2 = 8.4 -> 8

So the total # tickets from staking 7,500 $THINK is 8, with # max winning tickets 6(tier max)

Example 2) staking 29,999 $THINK

29,999 / 1,000 = 29.9999 -> 29

29,999 staked qualifies as Tier4, bonus multiplier is 1.5 and max winning tickets 37

29 x 1.5 = 43.5 -> 43, up to 37 winning tickets possible.

Golden Ticket

For each IDO, 10% of the total raises will be offered to Tiers 4&5 users who signed up for the sale in the form of a Golden Ticket, in other words 'Guaranteed Allocations'.

Golden Tickets will be distributed based on number of Lottery Tickets Tiers 4&5 users hold.

A new snapshot is taken for every IDO, on the end of Day 3.

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