Staking Pool

Two pools to complement the outcome on each lottery - never lose again

What is a Staking Pool?

The staking pool is a pool with allocations for lottery participants. The lottery tickets are given out to people who staked $THINK or POPO NFT. Allocations and tickets differ from the Tiers each person gets, which is decided by the amount they staked and the level of NFT's raffle attribute. Also the number of tickets people receive depends on the amount they staked and the level of NFT's raffle attribute, and in order to participate in our IDOs people must follow the following steps.


  1. (Day 0) Sign up for the IDO (only for those willing to participate)

  2. (Day 3) Snapshot will be taken at the end of Day 3, and Tiers & Tickets for everyone who signed up will be decided upon the snapshot

  3. (Day 4) 1) People in Tiers 1-5 can choose the number of tickets they will put in the lottery, and each ticket will cost $100 (Can't apply tickets beyond their ticket limit, tickets that didn't win will be refunded) (Allocation per ticket vary from project to project) 2) For people in Tiers 4&5, deposits for guaranteed allocations(Golden Tickets) are also required 3) The guaranteed allocations(Golden Tickets) for Tiers 4&5 who did not deposit will be sent to the lottery pool

  4. (Day 6) 1) Winning tickets from the lottery will be drawn 2) Token claim will be open for winning tickets 3) Ticket refund claims will be open for non-winning tickets

There will be a minimum lockup period for staking, people can unstake their $THINK or POPO NFT after the period. People with 0 staked $THINK or POPO NFT are not able to participate in the staking pool lottery.

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