POPO NFT and Wearable NFT!

Introducing the POPO NFT – your ultimate key to unlocking a unique and rewarding experience on the Thinkin platform. With the POPO NFT, you'll be able to earn rewards for your contributions and participation on our forums, become a KOL, participate in offerings on the launchpad, and even take part in governance.

Here's how it works

As you engage with the Thinkin community and contribute to discussions, you'll earn $THINK tokens, which can be used to upgrade your POPO NFT. This NFT is a one-of-a-kind way to reward and engage our community, combining elements of a launchpad with social media.

Your POPO NFT will grow alongside your activities on the platform, and can be decorated with wearable NFTs for even more fun, personalization, and benefits. You can even set your decorated POPO NFT as your profile picture and feel like your alter ego within the Thinkin community. Wearable NFTs can be attached or detached from your POPO avatar at any time, but in order to turn it into an actual NFT, you must make a claim after decorating it.

As a POPO NFT owner, you'll enjoy increased rewards, higher launchpad allocations, and a range of other benefits that will enhance your overall Thinkin experience. You can also equip wearables with your POPO NFT to further enhance its value and benefits. These wearables can be obtained through activities on our platform or by purchasing a Mystery Box. Each Mystery Box contains 4 wearables that can be equipped to take your Popo NFT to the next level.

But that's not all – in the future, we'll introduce different attributes for POPO NFTs that will have a range of effects. These attributes include Efficiency (increasing your $THINK rewards for posting), Achievement (higher rewards for likes and increased influencer level), Raffle (increases your launchpad allocation), and Network (higher rewards for comments and decreases durability drain).

AttributeHow to get XPBenefit



Higher rewards when posting



Higher rewards for upvotes, increases your influencer level


Launchpad participation

Higher launchpad allocation tier



Higher rewards for comments, decreased durability drain

Join the Thinkin community today and start earning rewards and enhancing your overall experience with our unique and innovative NFTs!

Why Having Thinkin NFT Is Beneficial?

1. Belonging to a club

Belonging to our club where we chit chat about how blockchain can transform our lives. Where we share recent developments and news from the world of crypto but also funny memes during the red days.

2. Reward

By owning POPO NFT you do not feel like you’re wasting your time reading, sharing or explaining to others. You will feel a sense of being rewarded, because whatever you do will come back to you in the form of an $THINK token.

3. Accomplishment

Knowing that if you keep doing what you are doing your rewards will keep increasing. Ultimately, you will benefit from your efforts in a form of tangible monetary reward.

4. Take part in IDO

We will also honour your commitment to our mission. By owning POPO NFT you are granted special privileges to participate in the earliest stages of the IDO process. Where a lot of exciting projects start their journey and being one of their earliest investors can turn lucrative very quickly. However, we are not in the ponzi business — we will let you sell your NFT anytime you wish for whatever reason. There will be a marketplace where users will be able to transact NFTs between each other.

5. Participate governance

At the end of the day, we do not want you to be just a passive observant, we want to listen and we want to hear your suggestions and advice. For this reason POPO NFT has an important governance function and NFT holders will have a say in where the Thinkin project is heading.

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