Token Information

  • Token Name : Thinkin Governance Token

  • Token Ticker : $THINK

  • Contract address : TBA

  • Chain : Optimism

  • Total Supply : 10,000,000,000 $THINK

AllocationTGEUnlock period

Team (10%)


18-month cliff, 1% monthly

Backers (5%)


1% quarterly

Ecosystem (56%)


6-month cliff, 1% quarterly

Marketing (21%)


3-month cliff, 0.5% monthly

Reserve (6%)


12-month cliff, 0.25% monthly

DEX LP (2%)


6-month cliff, 1% quarterly

How we designed our Tokenomics

Both our seed and private rounds will be given out to various participants who will help add value to the project. We want to create a fair distribution plan with nobody left out, while preventing any party to hold too many tokens at a certain period. While doing so, we also planned on preventing too many tokens getting supplied to the market, we just want the amount getting supplied at the moment for people to participate in our platform. So we carefully calculated and planned our tokenomics with our partners and advisors, and want a clear transparent view of our tokens for all entities.


Thinkin's mission is to build a healthy Web3 community, and we do this by allowing users to have a say in decision-making through community governance. Key decisions can be made through decentralized governance, such as protocol mergers and updates, liquid token sales through the DAO treasury, and contribution payments. This exemplifies the Web3 ethos of networks created and governed by their users.

To participate in governance proposals, users must own POPO NFT or $THINK governance tokens.

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