Community Pool

Unlocking Opportunities for Engaged Community Members

Introducing the Community Pool, a unique opportunity for active participants within the Thinkin platform's vibrant communities to receive allocations for our exciting launchpad events. This pool is designed to reward community engagement and create a level playing field for all enthusiastic members.

What is the Community Pool?

The Community Pool is a designated allocation pool that provides opportunities for community members to participate in our highly anticipated IDOs and other launchpad events. Unlike the Staking Pool, which requires staking $THINK, the Community Pool is open to anyone who actively engages within our various communities on the Thinkin platform.

How Does it Work?

Engaging with communities on our platform is the key to unlocking allocation opportunities through the Community Pool. By actively participating in discussions, sharing valuable insights, contributing to the growth of projects, and supporting fellow community members, users demonstrate their commitment and dedication.

Community members who actively engage and contribute will have the chance to receive allocations for upcoming launchpad events. The allocation amounts will be distributed based on the level of engagement, the quality of contributions, and the impact made within the communities.

How to Participate in the Community Pool Participating in the Community Pool is simple and accessible to all Thinkin platform users:

  1. Join and Engage: Explore the diverse range of communities available on our platform and join the ones that align with your interests. Engage in meaningful discussions, share your insights, and contribute to the community's growth.

  2. Showcase Your Expertise: Demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and passion within your chosen communities. Share valuable information, provide assistance, and foster a positive and collaborative environment.

  3. Active Contribution: Consistently participate in community activities, contribute your unique perspectives, and support fellow members. Actively engage in community initiatives, projects, and events to make a lasting impact.

  4. Stay Updated: Keep an eye out for announcements and updates regarding upcoming launchpad events. The Community Pool allocations will be communicated within the respective communities, ensuring equal opportunities for all engaged members.

By actively participating in Thinkin's vibrant communities, you not only expand your knowledge, network, and reputation but also increase your chances of securing allocations in our launchpad events. The Community Pool fosters an inclusive and rewarding environment where every engaged community member has the opportunity to participate and benefit.

Join the Thinkin platform, explore our diverse communities, engage with fellow enthusiasts, and unlock exciting allocation opportunities through the Community Pool. Together, let's shape the future of web3 and create a thriving ecosystem driven by collaboration and community engagement.

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