Collective Alpha

Retail communities on social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit are often taken advantage of and are vulnerable to the distortion of truth and manipulation of sentiment. Bots make it difficult to grow an organic following, and the focus on content is often on repetition and quantity rather than quality. As a result, valuable information and education content is drowned out by automated marketing spam. The current widespread problem of scams is a reflection of the self-serving nature of these platforms. The usability of these solutions is rapidly decreasing, and there is a need for modern Web3 platforms that connect the community in a new way.

Alpha Lounge

Thinkin is a Web3 native social media platform that serves as a link between projects and the community. Utilizing Web3 infrastructure creates new possibilities for transferring value, recognizing individual effort, and giving power back to the people. Anyone in the community can become a key opinion leader (KOL) on Thinkin, and at the same time, we make it easier for projects to develop and manage their communities by connecting them with KOLs. This community-driven atmosphere forms the basis for building mutually beneficial relationships.

Projects on Alpha Lounge

A one-stop-shop for your projects marketing needs before and after IDO. Alpha Lounge is a space where projects can:
  • Hire Key Opinion Leaders & Community Managers
  • Issue bounties - for translations, beta testing & other tasks
  • Manage Airdrops & other promotions
  • Interact with your community through Q&A and AMA
Over time, the scope of Alpha Lounge may expand as community governance will play a role. At Thinking our purpose is to help project with every step of the way, including before the token launch. Introducing and connecting with VCs is important at this stage and we will be happy to facilitate your needs and build solutions that can make this easier.