Popo NFT and Wearable NFT!
The NFT serves several important purposes on the platform, including rewarding users for their contributions and participation, allowing them to register in the Alpha Lounge as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), participating in Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), and participating in governance.
By contributing to the Thinkin community and engaging on the forums, users can earn $INK tokens, which can be used to improve their Popo NFTs and increase their chances of earning more $INK or $THINK tokens. The Notebook NFT is a unique and innovative way to reward and engage the community, bridging the concept of a launchpad and social media.
Users can set their decorated Popo NFT as their profile picture and feel like their alter ego within the Thinkin community. Wearable NFTs can be attached or detached from Popo avatars at any time. However, in order to turn a decorated Popo avatar into an actual NFT, users must make a claim after decorating it.

Popo NFT and Wearable NFT

Popo NFTs are avatars that grow with your activities on the platform, and can be decorated with wearable NFTs for added fun, personalization and benefits. This NFT has the same qualities as our upcoming NFTs which will be launched at a later date. It will reward its owners in a similar fashion as future NFTs - increasing rewards, increasing your launchpad allocation and giving you further benefits to enhance your Thinkin experience.
In addition, users will be able to equip wearables with Popo NFT to enhance its value and benefits received. Users will be able to upgrade its attributes accordingly:
Wearable Part
How to get XP
Boost Attribute
Get likes
Accessory 1
Buy launchpad tickets
Accessory 2
These wearables will have similar efficiency boosts as NFT upgrades based on their rarity:
Advanced Beginner
To obtain a higher rarity of wearables users can synthesise 3 wearable NFTs of the same part and rarity using their $INK tokens collected as rewards. Additionally, users can complete quests to increase their chances for a successful synthesis.
Users can also purchase a Mystery Box containing random wearables with random qualities. We will keep adding additional wearables over time to increase the diversity users can customise their Popo NFTs.

NFT Marketplace

The Thinkin platform has introduced a marketplace where owners of the Notebook NFT can lend their NFT to borrowers and receive a share of any rewards earned through the use of the borrowed NFT. The owner can determine the ratio of rewards to be shared with the borrower when placing the NFT on the market. This allows NFT owners to utilize their NFTs and earn potential rewards, even when they are not using them themselves.
The marketplace is also the main venue for purchasing or selling NFTs and upgrades. The introduction of the marketplace and lending feature aims to make the platform more accessible to all members of the community and create a level playing field for early stage investment opportunities. The Thinkin platform will collect a flat fee of 5% from these transactions.
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