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Last updated: July 2022

​Thinkin is a fully decentralised Social-Fi platform, with a mission to empower its community to form a mutually beneficial connection between projects, its investors and users. Through collective collaboration built on top of Web3 we are bridging Key Opinion Leaders with projects via Alpha Lounge.
Thinkin is a Web3 collective alpha platform where everyone can be rewarded and recognised.

In the current landscape of social media and investing communities online there is a disparity of information between influencers and retail investors following them. Incentives are misaligned and roles are clearly defined. Web3 infrastructure provides an opportunity to bridge this gap, create a homogenous community with aligned incentives where everyone has equal right to participation in early stage opportunities.
Web3 is the third generation of the evolution of web technologies. Web3 embraces decentralisation and is being built, operated, and owned by its users. Web3 puts power in the hands of individuals rather than corporations.

Thinkin serves as a bridge between users and projects via Alpha Lounge. Active users earn points and can upgrade their NFT which can be displayed on their profile and be recognised. These users can apply to become Key Opinion Leaders. Projects are given a space to establish their initial community and potentially hire KOL.

Thinkin is a Web3 community-based Social-Fi platform which aims to bridge users, investors and projects. Our platform offers everything a project needs to launch and create a healthy and sustainable community
Social-Fi (an abbreviation of social finance) is a combination of social networking and finance to create decentralised social applications. The decentralised approach is a popular component in Social-Fi as it emphasises that the network is not controlled by a middleman.
Thinkin encourages its users to engage in conversation in exchange for incentives that allow them to participate in early stage opportunities. These components are aptly named Write 2 Earn (W2E) and Initial DEX Offering (IDO).
Users may receive $INK or $THINK rewards based on their forum activity. Also, $INK and $THINK tokens can be utilised to improve NFTs, enhancing the effectiveness of IDO participation and forum activity rewards.
You may read more about pools, tokenomics, the roadmap, and other features of our platform in this Gitbook. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any more information.
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