Current dynamic on Web2 social media platforms is not efficient and poses risks for parties involved from multiple angles. Influencers are in a unique position where they can influence sentiment of the market regardless of quality of the information they provide or veracity of their following and interactions on their profile.
  • Sharing investment alpha comes without any direct tangible reward
  • Threats for market manipulation
  • Inability to distinguish real users and bots
  • Education content is not encouraged
By rewarding good quality content which gets recognised within the community we incentivise users to focus on quality instead of quantity. We also lower the barriers to entry for anyone without a huge following by highlighting good analysis reports and reward posts depending on their word count.
Teams and projects can interact and incentivise their community through airdrops and various promotions, growing their community on our platform. Projects also have a unique opportunity to market their upcoming fundraising efforts on our launchpad or manage their community through KOLs and other features

A one-stop-shop for your projects marketing needs before and after IDO. Alpha Lounge is a space where projects can:
  • Hire Key Opinion Leaders & Community Managers
  • Issue bounties - for translations, beta testing & other tasks
  • Manage Airdrops & other promotions
  • Interact with your community through Q&A and AMA
Over time, the scope of Alpha Lounge may expand as community governance will play a role. At Thinking our purpose is to help project with every step of the way, including before the token launch. Introducing and connecting with VCs is important at this stage and we will be happy to facilitate your needs and build solutions that can make this easier.
To become a Key Opinion Leader, user must be an active community member with a good track record of high quality posts. Everyones’ reputation will be established through the NFT and their profile, which is a record of their prior involvement with the community.
This way we want to provide projects access to a high number of vetted enthusiastic supporters who are keen to help out while providing an opportunity for anyone from the community to leverage their involvement for a profit.
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