Thinkin is a Web3 community-based Social-Fi platform which aims to bridge users, investors and projects. Our platform offers everything a project needs to launch and create a healthy and sustainable community
Social-Fi (an abbreviation of social finance) is a combination of social networking and finance to create decentralised social applications. The decentralised approach is a popular component in Social-Fi as it emphasises that the network is not controlled by a middleman.
Thinkin encourages its users to engage in conversation in exchange for incentives that allow them to participate in early stage opportunities. These components are aptly named Write 2 Earn (W2E) and Initial DEX Offering (IDO).
Users may receive $INK or $THINK rewards based on their forum activity. Also, $INK and $THINK tokens can be utilised to improve NFTs, enhancing the effectiveness of IDO participation and forum activity rewards.
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